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Chroniques d'Hokkaïdo (January 2016)

Chroniques d'Hokkaïdo

In January 2016, Pierre Colonge, Julien Colonge and Sébastien Varlet travelled to the remote island of Hokkaïdo, in order to get a taste of this world-famous Japanese powder. Two amazing weeks filled with various pleasures: from free-touring around Niseko, to shredding the infamous avalanche barriers by the roads and into a humongous powder session in the tiny resort of Asahidake.


"Chroniques d'Hokkaïdo" was entirely edited by Pierre Colonge (rider, cameramen, editor and director) and made the opening of the 2016 edition of the Winter Film Festival. Pierre was eager to present his work, which he couldn't do before his passing. Nevertheless, this movie is the most accomplished production by Ubac Images.

Hats off to you, Pierrot !

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