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Mountain Brothers (winter 2016-2017)

Chapitre 1 - Dans le ciel chilien...

with Pierre Colonge, Julien Colonge.


In August 2016, the brothers Pierre et Julien were travelling through Chile with the objective of climbing and skiing on 18 volcanoes in the South of the Cordillera. After 8 summits, Pierre fell to death while climbing the Villarica. This video is a tribute to Pierre Colonge. More than a travel video, it tries to explain what skiing meant for them.

It can be a true lifestyle, a way to express yourself and to live by some values such as sharing, pleasure and humility towards Nature. Pierre was only 20 years old, but already a great skier and mountaineer. He had also understood that life is short and should be lived to the fullest, with a big smile on your face. A great philosophy that the Ubac Images team will continue through future projects and videos, in memory of one of its founders.


Chapitre 2 - Deep in Japan

with Julien Colonge, Sébastien Varlet, Loïc Burri, Pierre Houillon.


In January 2017, Julien Colonge, Sébastien Varlet, Loïc Burri and Pierre Houillon headed to Nagano region, deep into the island of Honshu, Japan.

The arrival was quite disappointing: it's pouring! Indeed Japan had been affected by new meteorological phenomena called Pineapple Express. Fortunately for us, things quickly went back to normal, and more than 2m50 of Japow fell from the sky in about 8 days. Enough to get drowned in powder whilst thinking a lot about Pierre Colonge.

But Japan is not only about skiing: culture, food, temples.... All of these make Japan a wonderful place to visit with your skis but not only!

Chapitre 3 - Dans les steppes kirghizes

with Julien Colonge, Florian Studer, Martin Méric and Matthieu Winterhalter.

After Japan and Chile, this time we are taking you to Kyrgyzstan, for two weeks of ski touring in the hearth of Central Asia.

We spent the first week discovering the mountains sitting along Suusamyr valley. The single road at the bottom of the valley gives access to an infinite number of slopes, covered with cold powdery snow.

For the second week, we stayed in the traditional village of Arslanbob, close to the Uzbek border. Through the Community Based Tourism, locals are slowly developing the ski touring business, with the amazing possibilities offered by the Babash-Ata range. 

Chapitre 4 - Dans les fjords d'Islande

with Julien Colonge, Adeline, William, Angeline, Cyril, Anaïs, Emilie, Quentin, Sébastien, Mathilde, Noémie.

To end this season on a high note, Julien travelled to North Iceland with a group of close friends. This year we got very lucky and could enjoy some light snow in late April. But it was not just about skiing, but more about enjoying our time together in these breathtaking landscapes..

Iceland ALWAYS delivers.

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